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Jannetje | Janni | 21 | Engaged | Texas
I am engaged to a man named Wesley, who is currently enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard. I really love weddings or anything that has to do with love. This is my way of sharing my ideas and general love of weddings. This blog is full of my personal photos, photos of weddings/engagements/or couples that I absolutely adore as well as quotes and songs and stories. Thank you for checking it out!

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I’ve known Wesley since I was a freshman in high school (since 2006ish). We’ve been friends since then and I always knew that I could talk to him about absolutely anything, and I know that he knew that the offer was the same for him. He dated three of my closest friends while we were in school and I dated Austin from sophomore year till after I graduated. I can honestly say that he was one of my best friends. He always knew how to make me laugh (still does) and he never failed to make me feel better. We lost touch after I graduated and I honestly never thought that I would get to see him, let alone hang out with him again. I’m so glad I was wrong. We started talking again a around November of 2011, casually sending messages over Facebook. I was trying things with Austin again and he picked up on my signals when things started going down hill. He comforted me, but it was never over baring like so many different people were. He allowed me to vent and explain every feeling I was having. It was like he understood exactly what I was going through. My feelings for him only grew stronger at this point. We started texting as soon as he went out and bought a phone (which at the time, I didn’t know had anything to do with him wanting to be able to talk to me all the time.). We were supposed to go bowling one week. But neither of us wanted to wait to see each other. He even came in while I was working and talked to me for a little over an hour. Later that week, on December 11th, 2011 I showed up at his house for the first time. I was holding so much back and I could tell that he was as well. Then I realized that we didn’t need to and we kissed. My whole heart was his from that moment.


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